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We believe this is the most accurate form of astrology because it is grounded in what is actually taking place in the sky. The videos on this channel are a very small part of his mission to teach Astrology to enable people to take responsibility for their own lives and also to have a positive impact on the world in general.

She has been in private practice for 34 years. She has a unique approach to both psychology and astrology that has brought her world-class status. She has written columns for parenting magazines in the U. India About Youtuber We 'Saptarishis Astrology' believe astrology to be beyond mere predictions, fortune telling and event forecast but the way of self-awareness, compassion, gratitude, enlightenment and spirituality.

Saptarishis Astrology is an annual multi lingual astrological e-magazine. About Youtuber Astrology is the roadmap to understand a person at a deep level. If you are confused about your partner, path, career, or info on where your relationship is headed let me decode your chart to give you the answers you seek. About Youtuber I'd like to share with you a little about myself and my journey in discovering my passion for Astrology, the Tarot, the Cosmos and the Mystical side of this life.

About Youtuber Watch Astrology videos and forecasts that give you insight into the universal energies affecting us every day. In my experience, we can make better choices in the here and now by understanding these energies and aligning ourselves with them.

Frequency about 2 videos per month Channel youtube. Videos are excerpts from Vedic Astrological Mp3 downloadable classes available at www. To participate in live classes, please contact Ryan directly or follow his blog for regular updates. Savannah, GA About Youtuber My astrology readings aim to reaffirm one's individual journey and encourages self-acceptance and inner-strength even as we approach the sharp edges of life: United States About Youtuber I am a relationship and intimacy astrologer.

Astrology tutorials, synastry tutorials, love and relationship astrology, prediction, palmistry and numerology information.

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About Youtuber Welcome to Cat Tarot, www. Frequency about 9 videos per week Channel youtube. Canada About Youtuber Here you may follow to know how your sign works and how to do various things and improve your life.

Video Count - 4, Frequency about 6 videos per week Channel youtube. United Kingdom About Youtuber I'll be talking to you about what makes each zodiac sign special, how one's birth chart impacts their psychological features, how the planets can affect our lives, and how you can use all these to your advantage.

Astrology is everywhere and impacts every single element of the world surrounding us, so the more insight you have, the better prepared you are to deal with what life brings your way. About Youtuber For more than 35 years, Kathy Rose has provided thousands of clients around the world with intuitive, insightful astrology consultations that help reveal their life path and purpose.

About Youtuber My channel is dedicated exclusively to astrology. In my videos, based on Western astrology, I talk about various things pertaining to astrology, such as the planets in the signs, planets in houses, and aspects when the aspects part is completed, I will be working on the chart rulers , and offer my insight in these videos.

For 'Its Personal' Consultations with Pr. Frequency about 2 videos per week Channel youtube. London, England About Youtuber Michael Reed Astrology is astrology and consciousness for living straight from the heart. UK About Youtuber A channel were making astrology known and understandable is the number one priority, this is a channel for all who love or are curious about the ancient science of astrology and want to know how to be able to read a birth chart for themselves plus much, much more.

Frequency about 2 videos per week Since Jan Channel youtube. She is especially adept at aiding in transitions and crossroads, and with reclaiming power and creative potential.

A reading with Aepril can help you solve everyday problems and find your true path. Co-visioning with you, she finds the Beauty, Meaning and Divinity within. I personally give you a high-five and want to thank you for your contribution to this world. If your Youtube Channel is one of the Top 50 Astrology Youtube Channels, you have the honour of displaying the following badge on your site.

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Top 50 Astrology Youtube Channels. Video Count - 1, 2. Video Count - 1, 3. Video Count - 2, 4. Video Count - 5. Video Count - 1, 6. Video Count - 7.

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The Quietest Revolution Tarot Reading United States About Youtuber The Quietest Revolution is about clearing yourself of emotional blocks, releasing old patterns, downloading new software and rewiring the brain.

Video Count - 8. Video Count - 9. I'm happy to be your Private Personal Spiritual Guide. Our Spiritual Superstars make sure our family is a nonjudgmental zone of love hugs and support unlike any other platform you will find on YouTube.

Honey, you do have a mission, you have a purpose - if you aren't living a purpose driven life You are the best! Please join us and subscribe - today! Available on All Good Podcast Players! For private readings please visit my website at http: For donations please visit: For Live phone reading, check my availability: Payments and donations can both be made through paypal and now gofundme.

Using Tarot decks and numerology, she focuses on the weekly and monthly energy forecasts per Zodiac sign, providing viewers with intuitive readings you'll find on this channel.

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A refreshing approach on horoscope reading. For a personalized and private reading, contact Kathye Kaan on her website https: You'll find more info on her behalf, pricing, gift-cards and are able to request your reading directly.

Payment is safe and easy with PayPal. Available on nearly all e-tailers and eBook stores worldwide. Get it at Amazon here: Ancient Healing Tarot Instagram: To Book a Personal Reading please visit my website at https: All readings are intended for entertainment purposes.

At no time should these questions be used as legal, medical, financial, business, or professional counseling services. Use your own judgement and intuition to guide you.

Welcome to your September general reading, Taurus! Moon, Rising and Venus. Please be sure to like, subscribe and share the video if you feel that it resonates. Everyone is a family member here, so if you want to leave a comment or ask me for any advice, feel free to leave it below. There is a difference between being introverted and being passive.

If you let yourself fall under the radar, you will.

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You need to hold peoples attention this week. Your responsibility to boost the moral. Do not put pressure on the other person. Look at things realistically.

Make sure people are actually taking the chance to looking at things calm and objectively and with discerning eyes. You cannot fake it until you make it. The Page of Swords tells us you have to believe something and live it. The Three of Wands represents a situation in which you had hope.

The reading may indicate that this has changed or is being reinforced depending on the surrounding cards. When the Three of Wands appears in a reading representing the present it reflects that you have invested a lot of optimism into some venture or relationship.

The best position for the Three of Wands is the Future.

When the card is drawn for here it shows that hope will spring eternal concerning all of the matters in which you are currently invested.

Be wary of a lot of Sword cards in your reading if they are interacting with the Three of Wands. Swords represent ideas and words and often interact with results-oriented Wands to make your plans just an illusion.

If placed in the past, swords inspire the hopeful Three of Wands card.

Devoted to finding everlasting love through the Stars!

If placed as a predecessor, Sword cards are legendary in their power to be the spark of an idea that can be discussed until it is a plan that can be put into action. If a Sword card or two dominate the present or future situations in your reading that features the Three of Wands, this could mean that all of your hopes are illusions, and that your plans for the future are not really well thought out or stand on shaky ground.

Elevation, co-operations, acceptance, expand dramatically, fast-track advancement. The Ace of Wands, Minor Arcana, is the card of actions and energy. Ideas with ambition and hard work create a reality. Suggests romance, robust sexual energy! Cathy Coleman East-West Astrologer.

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