Virgo weekly tarot february 12 2019

Let's bet that it could be positive overall 14th! Bet on a beautiful striking force the 2nd to impose your vision of the world and your methods, and then move definitely to action without neglecting, however, to do it politely!

From the 23rd, it is your income that concerns you. It will then be a question of claiming your due but also to develop and express, as much as possible, your potential!

Virgo Weekly Horoscope 17 - 23 December 2018

Venus favors your exchanges with your beloved or your children on the 1st, but make sure not to overdo it at home on the 2nd, 4th, 6th, and 8th where you could promise more than you can actually give!

You tend to ignore certain limits and overestimate the power you have to make rain and shine within the clan around the 21st at the risk of disappointing your loved ones and a partner who could then doubt you!

Between the 6th and the 14th, Venus gives you an irresistible charm and restores your self-confidence. You will take advantage of these moments of grace to positively evolve your approach to love but also to try your luck or relight the flame the 7th.

Virgo Weekly Horoscope 24 - 30 December 2018

Your messages will be a priori well received the 9th and your rating in love could reach a peak around the 13th! The full moon on the 14th invites you to listen to your partner, to their desires and to try anything to satisfy them!

You are determined to communicate and transmit your ideas, objectives, and above all to convince those around you that your audacity and your current desire to surpass yourself and push the boundaries of the possible are legitimate and your thirst for something else is However, be careful not to impose anything without exchanging, as gently as possible, on the subject the 7th, 12th, and 28th!

A little frustration to foresee in your exchanges the 7th where your desires will be far from being orders! Your messages will pass better on the 14th when you will know how to respect certain limits and should then succeed in renewing a creative dialogue with your partner and the others the 15th and 21st!

Give up at the end of the month the 27th imposing anything on anyone if you do not want to end the month unsatisfied Be careful that your little demons do not come to disrupt the love frequency at the beginning of the month the 1st when some compulsive behaviors could harm the relationship!

Virgo Monthly Horoscope – February 2018

Until the 9th, you will have an unsurpassed talent for taking care of those you love and ensuring their well-being. You will appreciate spending moments well surrounded!

It would be a bit of a shame to spoil the atmosphere by imposing a little too peremptorily the 24? This is the best way to finish the month Saturn brings you back to reason and gives you the meaning of measure around the 9th. You then more consciously manage your emotional life even if you have to restrain your emotions and desires a little The one that should allow you to find osmosis with your partner and reconnect with a tender complicity that you lacked the 8th and 13th!

Beware of some excess you want everything Jupiter invests in the field of your theme dedicated to love, your relationship with your children, and your creativity and promises you Notably in mid-December where you could graze the peaks and flirt with seventh heaven.

Whether it is to give color and sense to your relationship or find that special someone, open your eyes and especially your heart. Enough not to miss the boat and then finish the year on a small cloud!

A very Lucky Year! Virgo ♍ Lenormand 2019 ♍ Year Preview

Play fair with each other if you want to enjoy the 8th good waves distilled by Venus and be on a first name basis with the angels rather than sowing doubt in the mind! It's about channeling your emotions to anchor the relationship, deepen it, and then know if it can definitely hold the road on the 11th and 19th!

Let's bet that you will mobilize to analyze your commitments and hope to connect more authentically to the other the 13th!

You manage to express your feelings more clearly and perhaps also your creativity the 3rd? Bet on an irresistible charm and a libido in a trance on the 13th to make sparks in love encounters or a return of an old flame and seduce on the social and professional front! Enough to end the year in an excellent way to convince whoever you want the 22nd?

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Virgo 2019

Know with whom you share the best and worst relations with, based on your Zodiac Sign. Kareena Kapoor Khan — one of Bollywood's most gorgeous actresses, will be turning a year old on 21st September.

Find out how things may shape up for her in the months to come. Virgo, much like its symbolism, is feminine, lady-like graceful and duty-bound.


The 6th Sign of the Zodiac, Virgo is also a meticulous perfectionist. Most Virgo-born natives are sincere and caring to the fault — towards their families, friends and loved ones. However, they also tend to be worriers and naggers to some degree. Critical and exacting of most ideas, things and situations, Virgins or Virgos can be equally a joy as they can be a pain.

Virgo Monthly Horoscope – February

This will be an unfavorable time to search for a financial deal. The week will be conducive to business conversations or conversations with customers from whom you expect to receive orders or in some way that their actions will be beneficial to your work.

For some of you the end of the year will be the end of a stage and the start of a new career. During these seven days, avoid dealing with household or property issues unless this is really important and urgent to you such as damage to a household appliance in the kitchen, etc.

In most cases, such a household problem may require replacement with new equipment or furniture.

This week brings about a boy or a young man gathering in your home or in the home of your relatives, friends or neighbors. The love or personal life of some Virgo women will cause some important events or gathering.