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Life themes, karmic situations, personal traits and some predictions were brought to light, through these cards as their vehicle.

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Most of the timing seemed to be in the "now" and moving out nine months into the future. I hope the messages will be of help to you moving forward into your future. Thank you so much for purchasing my Vimeo Video's. I wish you all Peace and Blessings!

Sacred Geometry Oracle Card Reading for These messages are more spiritual in nature then regular tarot, however there were some predictions throughout the 12 signs.

The time period is for these readings is for the year of The first card focuses on the present, the second card is your inward journey, the third card is your outward journey, and the fourth card is your outcome and the path toward the evolution of your outcome. I hope these messages will be helpful and enlightening for you.

Thanks so much for all of your purchases of my Vimeo videos! In these videos, I am looking into each sign of the Zodiac and using two different tarot decks and my crystal to bring you messages from my Spirit Guides about the New Beginnings and Endings your sign may experience in I am hopeful these messages from my guides will be helpful and useful to you as you travel through this year of In these readings I am pulling 4 cards for each sign of the Zodiac focusing on and looking into Love for I will be doing another Love Reading for Each sign of the Zodiac again later on in the year of I am hopeful these messages will be helpful and useful for you in the area of Love.

You might want to look into your "Moon Sign" which is the influencing planet in your birth chat affecting your emotions, and your "Venus Sign," which is the planet influencing you in Love. Thanks so much for all of your purchases of my videos here on Vimeo! Happy New Year of ! I pulled one tarot card for each quarter of the year, plus the 5th card is just for the month of January, using the Golden Tarot Deck by Kat Black.

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I concluded each reading pulling one card from the Healing With the Angels Oracle Cards, I hope the messages from my Spirit Guides in these psychic readings here on Vimeo, and the psychic readings on my YouTube channel, will be insightful, and helpful to you for this New Year of , and give you a good overview. I wish you a Blessed and Happy New Year of , with the abundance of all good things to come to you!

To go to the most recent videos recorded for down load and purchase, please click here: To go to the videos from and in the archives for download and purchase please click here: To read the testimonials from clients who have had private readings with me, please click here: October though till October From August to cover 6 months out to February In each reading, I am using three tarot cards from the Hanson Roberts Tarot Deck and also using my Crystal Sphere to receive messages and predictions and guidance from my Spirit Guides, to give you insights on how these two eclipses will be effecting each sign of the Zodiac.

Virgo, there may be no other choice but to act. If you are not sure about the right solution, simply join those who have more experience than you. Libra is known for loving the order. But of course, "too many cooks spoil the broth" is the saying.

If you have to arrange a children's train trip, a corporate party, and a new golf club website that has offered you membership, Libra will get an serious headache. So, we are afraid that in February, people born under Libra will reach the limits of their managerial skills.

It is enough when you are in the hurry and you just scratch one important piece of information on the "post-it" paper, and everything may soon go wrong. This yellow paper may accidentally disappear from the fridge, or from the bulletin board, or from the door. Therefore the horoscope warns Libra, stay careful and do not be afraid to say "NO" if you do not already have the situation under control.

February will stimulate Scorpio's ability to solve very complex tasks.


What is also characteristic is the fact that if you decide to buy a new dress or a tie, it will definitely be some unique piece with complicated ornament or pattern.

Scorpio, it is very likely that after the demanding performance of your gray cerebral cortex, you will also appreciate your comfortable bed as well as the loving partner's arms.

In this regard, you will be definitely lucky. Although relationships may be tempestuous in February, Scorpio simply need to feel the pure intensity in love.

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Sagittarius, do you know the movie Everything is lost with the famous actor Robert Redford? If not, it might be worth to see it now. February can bring you a similar worry. Sagittarius, you can feel lonely on your voyage , even though you might have imagined that loneliness would be the source of the desired relaxation. The horoscope highlights that the boundary between perfect relaxation and desperate solitude is quite thin.

Do not forget to think about "saving for a rainy day ". Keep all the little but important things in mind during whole February from one spare battery pack for your mobile phone to one extra pack of sugar in the pantry.

And do not worry, everything will go well, in your life as well as in the movie. Capricorn can expect a great opportunity; you may find a real golden vein during February.

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However, you do not have to fly to Alaska and buy all the gold mining equipment. It seems that the greatest power of Capricorn lies in interpersonal relationships and in the ability to negotiate, persuade, and bring people together.

It will be safe to sneak through tough questions in unpleasant conversations, as if it was the Slalom World Championship in St. If you got into troubles in marriage or partnership last year, now comes the ideal time to fix it.

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Aquarius should be alert in February. The desire for retaliation may easily dominate the mind. Obviously, the world is not just. But the right answer to the occasional offense is not the emotional terrorism. Aquarius, the horoscope recommends that if someone is behaving badly let him or her know that you will not accept such offense for the second time.

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Pisces, you will perceive the beginning of the as moving at snail's pace. But do not be fooled. Things look different at first glance and in comparison with closer examination. A snail can unexpectedly become a tiger that throws away its shell and leaps forward generically.

February will therefore be the month when Pisces may overcome prolonged health problems that are also related to slow pace of work. In some cases, process of healing may be miraculous and strong as the story of Harry Potter.

According to the horoscope, you may also enjoy interesting encounters and meet new people.