Taurus tarot january 26 2019

Overall your year is about to get mixed. You will have both advantages and disadvantages this year.

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  • Taurus Daily Horoscope!

For the students this year will bring the possibility of the job. Government jobs are also seen as a possibility. This year, 6 and 10 number will be auspicious for you, while 5 and 2 will have to go a bit more.

Career For the Taurus people, this year will be a bit difficult because of the conflict. Avoid taking any kind of decision quickly in the field of careers. Do not get into any kind of lottery etc. Saturn and Sun's mutual union show that you will be worried about your career. Maintain good behavior with elder people.

Your good practice will result in your dignity as a result. This year is good for engineering. For Taurus, the year will be economically good. You will spend money well, which will benefit you in the future.

You may get a house or land as a gift from your family this year. The position of finance will be good. You can start a new business in the year This year is good for starting a business related to finance in consultation.

This year will be beneficial for startup ones. People with Taurus may face some major problems in health in the year Astrologer G's astrologer advised you to take special care of the elder this year.

The Taurus will have to be alert this year.

Taurus Horoscope Fresh Forecast Taking You From November to December !

You need to have food and exercise on time. You have to be careful this year due to high blood pressure, diabetes, nervous diseases. This year, for Taurus people, is going to be very good in the case of romance.

Let us tell you that this year is going to be very positive for newly married couple couples. This year your mind will be full of magic.

What’s Coming for Your Love and Sex Life in 2019

A new member may arrive in the family. There will be enthusiastic about music and romance. Overall, you will be good this year in the love affair.

The month of May and August, especially for the Taurus, will be auspicious. Avoid doing new work in August. The year is going to be mixed up for Taurus people. This year will bring socially many opportunities for you, and will also create problems for health.

It would be better to take care of your elders. Those who do their business will be seen getting better opportunities at times, but if you cannot take advantage of them at the time then there is no use to repay behind them.

Log In Sign Up. Aries Mar 21 — Apr In this regard, the approximately two years transit of Saturn through Capricorn can help reform some social or political systems and build some state institutions that will prove to be durable. On August 15, , Uranus will turn retrograde in your sign, boosting your personality, the way you act in relationship with others and the everyday events.

You must take control of their moods and reactions, because they can ruin their relationships or opportunities. Professionally though, they will need to make some serious adjustments and they will realize that they accepted to indulge for too long in dishonorable situations, so it is necessary to make some radical changes in this regard.

Some natives are going to get married in or change their relational status one way or another. The Love Horoscope predicts a bumpy and uneven road in the love life.

Taurus 2019 Horoscope

You will have a lot of work to do in order to win the trust of their partner or of a new love. Nothing is as easy as it seems. The good news is that your family will offer support in everything you plan to do, and from this point of view, you will enjoy a peaceful and happy year.

The decisions must be taken wisely, not hastily, as you usually do. However, your peace of mind is ensured after the first half of the year.

During this year, an excellent compatibility will occur with the Libra, Pisces, and Cancer natives. You will rather want to stay away from Taurus, Scorpio, and Aries natives.

The year of is going to be slightly more difficult , a year when any decision may have less pleasant consequences; you need to learn who you can trust and also to cherish any help you are getting.

April is the month of grace , and Venus will make them have a great time, enjoy life, smile and win hearts at first sight. You are attracted by beauty, art, entertainment, this is why they need to fully take advantage of everything has in store for them. The most compatible zodiac signs with the Taurus native in love relationships are: Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn, and Pisces.

Earth sign, therefore, with the feet firmly grounded, you strong personality, stubborn, but undeniable family oriented, a person worthy of trust.

Friday 28th December

In , the you will form a perfect family with the other earth signs, Capricorn and Virgo, but can also achieve emotional fulfilment with the Cancer or Pisces, enjoying a couple life full of love. In , you are more concerned with their personal well-being than the wellbeing of the couple. They have a strong need to be free and, for this reason, it is possible to encounter some difficulties.

The single natives have a lot of success with the opposite sex and they will probably lose count of the hearts they conquered. However, is not necessarily a good year for making long-term plans. In horoscopes , your career goes through a process of priorities reassessment or reevaluation of some older projects. Besides being the master of your money house, Mercury is linked to intellect, information, communication, documents, negotiations, calculations, journeys, exchanges including commercial.

Therefore, the profession and the money will be closely connected to these domains. No major earnings will occur and, even if they were scheduled now, there are big chances to be delayed. During April and May, the situation will improve and the Taurus natives have two months when they can adjust their budget.

A lot of caution is recommended when taking decisions, especially between January 5 — March 13, May 1 — July 8 and August 27 — November 2, The master of your career house, Saturn, will deal for a long time with the financial aspect of the Taurus life, especially regarding businesses, investments, loans, money recoveries, inheritances, marital assets, and partitions, as well as bank and financial institutions interactions.

Saturn is not a comfortable planet and it can bring certain frustrations and restrictions in the coming years. But Saturn is a great maestro of organizing and financial strategies and it can help the wise and the patient to build sustainable fortunes.

The good relationships between Saturn and Jupiter, and Uranus during the first five months and a half of will facilitate the profits and the investments. Fitness represents a real challenge, you always try to eliminate monotony.

They prefer to win a competition by following the principle: The Taurus natives have a robust figure due to their slow metabolism.


Lifting weights at the gym is a recommended exercise for a strong and beautifully shaped body. In team games, they are happy if they have a constructive and coordinating role. Also, you enjoy physical exercises that require flexibility, this is why you tend to practice yoga. This is why, it is possible for the natives, at least in the second part of the year, to feel tired, sometimes stressed or to suffer episodes of low self-esteem.

All these moods are not long lasting and it is important to avoid them, by not neglecting your rest time and, at the same time, by finding relaxation methods that you could follow more often. The digestive system, the bone system and especially the ankles are more sensitized this year. It is possible to even change your diet, and any healthy choice you make during this year will not be without results.

Up until May 21, there is a continuous risk of accidents in the head area, which may occur as a result of an accumulation of stagnant nervous energy. The danger persists in more diminished form until July The advantage is that you can benefit from a strong energy coming from Mars, which will help you make effort without getting tired.

However, it is advisable to avoid the consumption of foods or substances that might lead to high blood pressure.