January 11 tarot

Did you see the huge art dump they did for path of fire on Artstation? I especially liked Zhengyi Wang's stuff , you should check it out if you haven't already! Also, awesome Charr, really love the the detaling you've got going there: D is it a brush pen you're using or a different finetips? Decided that drawing people was too difficult for me today so here is My interpretation of the magician.

This is my first time posting here; I want to get back in the habit of frequent drawing and it seems really lovely here! I also did it on watercolor paper, so I can go back and do a watercolor wash over it. Very different from my normal style, as I tend to work realistically.

Final version after watercolor wash; this was a fun little project! I got a random one from a website: But funny enough, I kinda want a red sun tattoo.

No face though I don't think. I should actually start tinkering with the design.

Tarot cards except they are fat cats. It's probably one of my more favorite cards from the tarot, which, given it's meaning, I don't know what that says about me. I would have loved to have done this 8 of swords but what I ended up drawing from that was I used the base rider waite deck.

If I wanted to do bdsm, I would have used my lunatic tarot deck as reference. NSFW link of that deck's 8 of swords. It's been a while since I sketched, even years but might as well improve myself a bit this year. More a doodle than anything, and I missing a clear idea of what example cards are supposed to look like, but I've got a sketch from what's at my desk at the moment, which is Warhammer, so here it goes.

I bend the theme a little. One of the cards is "The Sun". So I drew the sunlight-collecting solared lizard. I took three cards that together supposedly symbolize jealous lover, I found it really funny to draw this! I have been studying Tarot Cards lately so I figured I would post for once.

Fanart for a webcomic where all the characters are based on tarot cards! That one's supposed to be The Fool. Had to do something quick today.

L'Amoureux , inspired by the Jean Noblet deck. I really don't like hands.

Welcome to Reddit,

Here's a disproportionate High Priestess. A rough sketch referenced from this card. While I was looking for inspiration for the theme, I ended up on a page with online tarot readings and this one was the final result to the question I had in mind. I wish I had the time to make it a complete picture. The King of Wands: Authentic, leader, passionate, charismatic, experienced, energetic, influential, proud, sexual.


I just discovered this meme. Team blue knucks let's go. Binding of Isaac Tarot Cards.

Tarot Birthday Correspondences - Teth's Arcana

Since i'm and avid Linux user I drew an asymmetrical Windows logo for the "broken window" theme. I had to do this one quickly. Like 0 time to draw today, here is a dumb doodle. Wheel of Fortuna, I just love Greek statues. I was half awake when I read the prompt -- I thought it read "carrot cards" Sketch of The Chariot seen on Wiki.

Had fun exploring the Major Arcana. The Empress card This was probably the most fun I have had drawing for a long time. Late post, but I really liked this prompt!

Tarot by Cecelia

Since I'm trying to get caught up and didn't want to spam my Instagram, this is going to be the same like for this and the next two prompts. I've always thought Tarot Cards looked interesting. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Those of you who are particularly well-versed in tarot, astrology, or qabalah have probably heard this information a few dozen times already.

However, for those of you who have not yet immersed themselves in this proverbial pool of knowledge but keep occasionally dipping your toes in hoping the water to miraculously get warmer , we shall begin as simply as possible.

There are 22 Major Arcana cards, and each one corresponds either to an element, a planet, or a zodiac sign. It will be the zodiac signs that we will pay particularly close attention to at first. For the first card corresponding to your birthday, simply check out the list below.

Step one is completed, step two is where things get a little more specific and tricky. The Four Elements are simply: As such, they correspond to the four elements as follows: What each term means is not particularly important for our purposes.

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However, you might want to check the handy guide below to see where your zodiac sign falls. The Aces were not included in this scheme mostly because the Aces are a bit too self-important to be bothered , but all of the other numbered cards were willing to play along.

These fall into the four tarot suits like so: Sometimes, as a wheel with twelve spokes in it. Any one who has glimpsed at an astrological chart might have certainly noticed it seeming rather circular and wheel-like.

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Basic math to follow.