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There are special rates for companies during the winter. Right in the centre of the town of Santa Eulalia at only 50 metres from the marina and three minutes from the beach.

Duquesa Apartamentos is classified as an Apartahotel but with hotel services that are not normally found in this type of accommodation. Standard, Superior, and Family making you feel at home. They have the same comforts and services as a hotel in Ibiza. The town of Santa Eulalia is to the North of the island of Ibiza.

Visit our blog for discover more from Santa Eulalia and our hotel. Duquesa Playa have an excellent fleet of boats for you to rent and enjoy the crystal-clear water of Ibiza and Formentera.

Enquire at reception of hotel or browse our offers on our web site. Welcome to Duquesa Playa, you will feel like you are at home Open all year round.

He has declared he wants to be with me forever. I am having fun with my Cap like I never have before with anyone. We are both 60 and you bet you can find love again. This reading puts the icing on my cake! And yes Sal I can feel abundance is coming I just get a new listening hosting my open house this coming Sunday! This resonates so well especially with the sag reading.

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Im interested to see what our future holds. When I met this sag he had no interest in marriage whatsoever.

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Laughed at me when I first brought it up. Now its all he can talk about.

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He says he now knows he wants to spend the rest of his life with me and thats it. The rest is on me. I dont think we'll get married but i'm glad he's there. Now we can just have fun and enjoy each other.

Sal, once again, you are amazing. Before I ve started watching this video, i ve been thinking - I feel deeply that this true, passionate love is coming towards me.

I havent had that feeling for years.

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I think I was dreaming this night about him. I hope I can see clarity from my cancer friend that I love so much I am a scorp and so is who Ive been seeing for a year but he still don't want to commit..

I cant take this anymore.. I'm truly sad and mad and everything in between. Thank you so much Sal!

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I still have the vimeo extended not NOT working, hope it can be fixed. I just ordered the Elite year of beautiful healing magic from you in the Glamor box Happy Holidays Sal I just luv you so much. I'm a reader and just reestablished a relationship with Fire.

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We have both been manifesting. I'm at so much peace. He is a musician as well. He is my ONE! Because I'm virgo moon, virgo sun and scorpio rising, and The High Priestess showed up as well for virgos My Scorpion husband who cheated on me is definitely addicted to porn..

I pray everyday and bless what I work with I work with my guide, my angels and mum, dad and hubby in spirit..