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Things to Accept The astrological aspect for Sagittarius: Jupiter square Neptune January 13 th , June 16 th and September 21 st. Sometimes, your partner can be annoying.

Love Horoscope 2019

During these days, Jupiter square Neptune can disappoint you, in different ways. But, if you want your relationship to succeed, there are some things you must accept to your partner. So, these are something you really need to accept, in your relationship:.

The astrological aspect for Sagittarius: Uranus leaves the fifth house March 6 th. During the last 7 years, Uranus wanted you to be more adventurous in your relationships.

So, probably you already made some memories that will last a lifetime. Some Sagittarius men and women were also unconventional when they chose their partner. They preferred original, even odd or eccentric people, sometimes developing some relationships that scandalized their friend and relative. After 6 March , when Uranus will no more be in the astrological house of love, Sagittarius will develop more traditional relationships.

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Those born under this sign will learn to appreciate values such as stability, fidelity, and responsibility. Quality Time Together The astrological aspect for Sagittarius: Mercury retrograde in the eighth house July 19 th -July 30 th. With Mercury retrograde in the astrological house of intimacy, the greatest danger for Sagittarius is to neglect their partner.

They need to understand that intimacy is always important. Once the two partners stop spending enough quality time together, they can become emotionally disconnected, leading to further problems. In order to avoid this, there are many ways to spend some quality time to your partner.

Here are some suggestions:. Think about How Each of You Thinks!


The astrological aspect for Sagittarius:: Full Moon in seventh house December 12 th. This is a Full Moon in Gemini, so that is important to mentally connect to your partner. You can read a lot and almost everywhere about the importance of emotionally connection, in a couple.

But what about our brains? Sharing intellectual interests is also an important aspect of a relationship. Speaking with passion and conviction about something you like and getting positive feed-back from your partner is a great sensation. Common interests represent just one aspect of the problem. But one happens if you have conservatives views and you partner is a liberal or a progressive?

What happens if you are an atheist, while your partner prays before work, before dinner before bed…? You will figure out that there are too many topics to avoid in a conversation.

Horoscope for Sagittarius for January

And this is not healthy for a couple. Sagittarius — Best Time for Love, in April 20 th -May 15 th: Overflowing with charm, a sparkle in your eye and kindness in your heart, you could knock 'em dead and will only have trouble picking which one.

You will make new friends, form new relations, and will investigate new places and unknown cultures - and you might even get to find that special someone!

This is a magic time of the year that will start. The stars seem to be inviting you to explore other possibilities, to expand your field of vision - even to other lands.

Whatever you do, you must absolutely enjoy your powerful seductive wiles! However, you can consult your astral forecasts by clicking on this link: Your personalized astral forecast offered.

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What does the astrology for 2019 have in store for your star sign?

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