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National Park Service has declined to grant it National Historic Landmark status, because the Outer Space Treaty prohibits any nation from claiming sovereignty over any extraterrestrial body.

One team, led by Astrobotic Technology , announced it would attempt to land a craft at Tranquility Base.

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Space tourism companies which have announced they are pursuing lunar tourism include Space Adventures , [4] Excalibur Almaz , [4] Virgin Galactic [2] and SpaceX. The company Space Adventures has announced a planned mission, titled DSE-Alpha , to take two tourists within kilometers 54 nautical miles of the lunar surface, using a Soyuz spacecraft piloted by a professional cosmonaut.

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In February , SpaceX announced it had accepted deposits for a private week-long flyby mission to the Moon, set for late , in a Dragon 2 capsule carrying two tourists, to be launched via Falcon Heavy rocket. Excalibur Almaz proposed to take three tourists in a flyby around the Moon, using modified Almaz space station modules, in a low-energy trajectory flyby around the Moon.

The trip would last around 6 months.

The Golden Spike Company was an American space transport startup active from — The company held the objective to offer private commercial space transportation services to the surface of the Moon. The company's website was quietly taken offline in September From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

List of artificial objects on the Moon. Moon portal Spaceflight portal. The New York Times. Retrieved January 11, Retrieved February 6, Retrieved 6 February Retrieved 19 April Commercialization of space Space colonization Space habitat Space medicine Space station Suborbital spaceplane.


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