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If you need to keep up with him or her all through the year, it is best for you to keep them satisfied mentally and physically. A good time to build warm relationships out of love, Leo.

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There would be periods of optimism in the love front this year. Natives are advised to avoid over-excessive indulge towards love and romance as this might land them in trouble.


Leos seem to be very attractive and sensuous this year than the previous years. This might bring about multiple relationships into your fold Leo, beware.

Your emotional self would be taken for a ride though.

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Do not be tempted by false promises, hopes and sentiments through the period. Work towards constructive growth in your love life. A sense of progress can be expected in the love side as the year unwinds. Finance horoscope For Leo The finances of Leo natives would be generally good and quite stable all through the year.

Leo horoscope 2019:

But this does not mean that you should over-indulge. Inflow of finances is likely from different sources this year. The rewards of your past sowing could be reaped now, Leo. Put money resources your into constructive purposes only for now.

Leo February 2019

Around the start of the year, build up a workable budget and go with it. This would help you to cross the year without major financial hassles.

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For the second half of the year, there might be some financial temptations towards over-spending. Avoid impulsiveness at all costs and cater to the urgent expenditure only. Keep your purse strings tied up to come out unscathed financially at the end of the year. This is a Leo January horoscope psychic tarot reading, Leo February horoscope psychic tarot reading, Leo March See my list of products, readings and classes below: Learn How to Be an Astrology Coach: With this new year and north node moving into my sun sign cancer I have felt the calling to help others in a more profound way than ever before.

A wonderful time to experience love in abundance, as per Leo horoscope 2019

I took this past Leo Tarot Reading for January Be calm and act smart! The first days of this month will have something idyllic about it.

Your affections will gain ground, and your interaction with others will be marked by a strong desire to meet others. Your enterprising spirit will find something to occupy itself with during the first half of the month - so enjoy it! The end of the month will be a bit more stressful and possess an energy that will be difficult to channel.

Now is a good time to declare your love, make a commitment, make a promise, or settle down together. Moreover, now is the time for Jupiter to endow you with particularly beneficial influence from its fire domicile in Sagittarius.

Luck is with you, so be kind and share it. This is a great month for meeting someone new.