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Consult the I Ching And hear a special interpetation. What sign am I? Not sure which sign you belong to? Industriousness without wisdom leads to futility. Valour without caution leads to recklessness. Sensitive, active, tolerant, brave, resilient. Caution without valour leads to cowardice. Affectionate, kind, gentle, merciful, compassionate.

Strength without flexibility leads to fracture.


Enthusiastic, innovative, intelligent, lively, energetic. Flexibility without strength leads to compromise.

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Charming, polite, intuitive, romantic, highly perceptive. Forging ahead without unity leads to abandonment. Diligent, clever, friendly, sophisticated, talented.

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Unity without forging ahead leads to stagnation. Changeability without being constant leads to foolishness. Being constant without changeability leads to woodenness.

Aquarius Daily Horoscope

Career matters are very favorable this year, and your reputation is likely to improve. You are noticeable, and you make a real impact on others.

Those in authority tend to look on you favorably. Saturn spends the year and beyond in your solar twelfth house, and there can be a lot of work done behind the scenes. This can be an important time for facing fears and letting go of old attachments.

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You end the year feeling quite excited about new opportunities, projects, and friendships or group associations. However, you continue to experience powerful eclipses in your sign and your opposing sign this year, and these encourage you to make big decisions about how you live your life vis a vis partnerships.

The first of this series occurred in August , and the last will occur in January The final thrust will occur in January , but for now, you are experiencing greater awareness of problems and especially lacks or flaws.

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  • In the same vein, the North Node continues to move through your partnership sector until November 8th. The North Node moving through your partnership most of the year suggests that the path to fulfillment, again this year, is recognizing your relationship needs.

    The challenge is to work on sensitizing yourself to the needs of others and to get over any fears of the demands a partner or significant people in your life might make on you.

    Of course, there are many minor trends that move in and out of these sectors throughout the year that point to small trends. Your romance sector is ruled by quick-moving Mercury. Read the sections for both your Sun Sign and Ascendant for a better picture of what lies ahead for the day.

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    • This can be a good time for doing what we love, following our passions, or pursuing a pleasure more heartily than usual. There is a drive to take decisive action, possibly to defend or help others or to better ourselves. The Moon is void from Share this Article Like this article?