Virgo psychic tarot reading for january 2019 by pam georgel

Big and important changes are going to be happening for many of you in 5 days, weeks months, or in May " I wish you all the blessings of lightening your burdens and finding your joy! Good morning and Happy Monday Dec 17th! I wish you all the blessings of clarity in your heart, mind and soul!

Good morning, and Happy Saturday! I wish you all a phenomenal weekend, and a blessed rest of December!

Good morning and Happy Friday December 14th! I puled a tarot card for you today and I got: For some of you it is your diet and possibly starting or revising an exercise program. There are those who will be having to review your finances at this time, and also Your thoughts may have been cluttered lately, where you're trying to make sense of some things occurring in your life.

Getting advise from friends or professionals will help you, so it is something to consider if you find this has been occurring for you lately. Some of you need to stake your claim to something in the next 4 to 9 weeks or months. This could be a job, home, or relationship. Many will find a new found friendship or connection coming in soon, that will lead you to some big changes in your life.

This person may also be someone who has interesting and helpful connections, which aide with the networking aspects of your job, career, or business. This new person may also be like a "think tank" of ideas and give you a few leads for as well.

Thinking about how you divide and allocate your time is also indicated. Pace yourself and don't feel pressured into anything now, especially purchases, and also from family or friends.

Starting in about a weeks time, there will be some of you who will be feeling happy and proud of what you've achieved and will see an increase in your money.

Virgo Psychic Tarot Reading December 2018 by Pam Georgel

You have the good ideas now and will be implementing them, and this will bring an increase to your finances. Good morning to all! This year I did double the cards and therefore the videos are much longer, with a running time of about 36 minutes.

Wishing you all the Best Possible New Year in !

It can happen at any point this year, but for many of you the months of July and August are highlighted in that area. Conversely, there will be those of you where love is going to take a back seat to other things, which for many of you may have to do with your children's needs, or pressing matters.

Fertility is especially high right now, so use this to your advantage if you wish to get pregnant, OR use precautions if you don't! There is an indication here, that it may be make it or break it time in relationships.

Some of you may be feeling like someone romantically speaking, needs to step up to the plate, or perhaps it's you who needs to get more into it. Family members may be seeking advice or counsel now over something that is troubling them, or that they need to complete. You may be quite encouraging to them at this time.

This looks to be a big relationship year coming up in , where there will be much activity, of couples getting together, engagements and marriage! Having faith now is important, even if you can't see it, the Universe has heard your affirmations, and is orchestrating things to deliver to you much of what you want in the new Year. In the years of and will feel to many - like the years of Karmic rewards.

Mid Month Psychic Tarot Update July for All Zodiac Signs by Pam Georgel

Jumping to conclusions is likely right now, so try not to do that, and remain calm, find your center and peace within, and ground yourself. Which can be gained through exercise, meditation, yoga, taking long walks, and whatever you know to work well for you personally.

For some of you this will bring up other thoughts as well, as how did you cope with this, manage you life, and move forward? Perhaps you feel you heale Perfection though elusive, remains your quest, seeking universal truths and their relationship to your present life situation.

It may be the perfect partner, perfect job, perfect living situation or perfect body. Learning to accept perfection in all things and the truth of absolut Also releasing judgement about perceived imperfections in yourself and others, will free you to enjoy greater joy and satisfaction in living.

The rules of engagement in the current society you live in, has taken up so much of your time to live and survive, that you may have been feeling a disconnect from the pursuits and passions that truly bring you joy. At times you may feel as if you're a hamster on a wheel, working tirelessly with only sporadic moments of joy injected in between deadlines and other pressing responsibilities.

At the core of your being, you may ponder and ask yourself, how do I increase my personal freedom and joy in my everyday life? Do you at times feel like you're a puppet in a grand puppet show?

It is wise to think on these things. Do you subject yourself to time spent with people who undermine you, or don't appreciate you, drain you, or even cause you emotional pain? It's time now at the end of this year to set things right, or to at the very least, plan to set things right in the New Year.

Get going on projects, either creatively or in business, that bring you joy, fulfillment and satisfaction. Every person has come here to fulfill a quest, a journey, with purposeful intent and lessons. But they key is to find and proceed and progress on this path - with a light heart and mind, and much joy, and navigate through the blocks and challenges that get thrown in along the way.

This message is a reminder to get clear on your goals and intentions, think over how to achieve these in the path of least resistance, and what would bring you true pleasure and happiness along the way. There will be some success coming to you soon, either in the last month of the year, or in the first month of the New Year.

Wishing you all a great day! I hope you'll check it out! Also if you're interested, my "December Psychic Crystal Readings" are available in Vimeo by clicking on the other link below.

I wish you a day filled with the blessings of accomplishments and the prospects ahead! Good Morning to all, and happy Monday December 3rd !

I pulled a tarot card for you this morning and I got: Victory after a battle. There are things, situations and people whom you needed to let go of, and your life was altered, but better for it! You will see growth and expansion in an area of your life, where things will start to evolve, develop and grow now - and over the course of the next 6 months to a year out in time.

You are starting a new cycle, and this will bring new developments and also some closures to things in your life that have been hanging in limbo. Your ideas and ingenuity have gotten you this far. Many will feel as if they have more clarity and focus and also when moving forward. You have helped people along the way in the cycle that is ending, whether you realize it or not.

You're at an optimum point to look back on your victories, large and small, review and see all that you've achieved.

Mid Month Psychic Tarot Update July 2018 for All Zodiac Signs by Pam Georgel

Never forget you have Spirit Guides who are guiding you on this journey, and they will continue to help you and guide you in this new phase.

In an area where you've experienced turbulence, there will be calm. For some of you new relationships will be developing, this can be in romance, friendship, work, or family. Perhaps a new child will be born, or a new love could arrive, and there will be some new friendships formed.

Some of you will see a turnover of something that did not go in your favor before, and it will now become a victory for you. Something your intuition was telling you about over a long period of time, will prove to be correct! I pulled a card for you this morning from the Messages from Your Animal Spirit Guides Oracle Cards and I got "Spider" - Trust the creative spark you're feeling and express it through writing stories that inspire and enlighten.

Take your time, because rushi For many of you, your present state of mind is in a state if flux. You may also have some digestion problems or some type of issue with your stomach, so pay close attention to what you're eating, because there is something you're ingesting that is making you feel this way.

You are in a position where you must treat certain areas of your life, or people and relationships delicately, as things may be hanging in the balance, and it's not the right time energetically to upset the status quo.


Your true ingenuity and talents are going to shine right now, so make the most of those energies! You may even start to see some financial gains from them.

I wish you all the blessings of success in your creative endeavors and relationships! It can also symbolize the ups and downs of Karma. Formidable opponents may arise, and there will be also a path of less resistance. It's time to think about being true to your heart and where you feel guided to go.

Sometimes logic and reason are necessary in this process and yet at times using them will keep you from your intuition guiding you. The best way is to integrate both, logic and reason with intuition and the urging of your soul.

You are going through a cycle now where you are being asked to use your intuition. Some of you will want to pay special attention to your diet, and also any types of remedies and medications you take. Avoiding white processed sugar as much as you can is advised, because it is creating havoc in your system.

For some of you this may also include avoiding other sugars found in other starchy foods and baked goods. Your inner knowing and guidance system is strong right now. And some of you will be experiencing some elaborate or very telling dreams, and you may also receive messages in these dreams from a deceased loved one as well.

Performance is everything now in the work your doing, and also in any project or endeavor you're working on, or starting. Good morning to all, and Happy Birthday to Sagittarius! Then I had to go to the store for her and she kept forgetting where she moved something.

I've been noticing it for a while. Listening to this again at end of July and sure enough my employer creating a new dept and I was picked for one of the new jobs!! Had no idea but they need good ppl to make it a success. Health issues for Gemini - yes, I had to have a hysterectomy and some work done on other parts of my lower torso.

Love your blouse, Pam! Thank you for these readings! I hope you have some great times this summer! If you are watching this kind of stuff because it's entertaining that's fine but if you take her literally word for word, huh Did it ever occur to you that you might hurt or kill somebody with this medical advice?

You see everyone, it's just this kind of action that ties up our system with this ignorance. I didnt break the finger. I accidently cut it whilst washing the knife today pam but with a loud thud on the bone..