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Video Count - 3, United Kingdom About Youtuber I am a world wide Tarot reader with psychic ability, with over 15 years Experience, I offer free monthly tarot readings for everyone. Frequency about 5 videos per week Since Mar Channel youtube. About Youtuber One of the best youtube channel for everything related to tarot card reading.

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Frequency about 8 videos per week Since Jul Channel youtube. She is an intuitive empath and she feels blessed to receive messages through reading tarot cards. She wants to share the wisdom and enlightenment that is presented to her so that you too can discover your own empowerment and strength as you walk through your own spiritual journey.

Frequency about 4 videos per week Since Feb Channel youtube. About Youtuber Tilly's readings are inspired by use of the Tarot. She connects with my spirit guides and angels to contact your spirit guides and angels to gain divine wisdom on your personal path forward through all arenas of life.

Frequency about 9 videos per week Since Dec Channel youtube. Germany About Youtuber After two decades working for the United States and over 29 international governments, former strategic analyst Inga Cooper decided to merge her technical skills in predicting program performance with her natural abilities as an empath.

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Video Count - 2. Video Count - 3. Video Count - 4. Video Count - 2, 5. Video Count - 6. Video Count - 7. Video Count - 8. Ivana Tarot About Youtuber I have also been a writer with published articles in the most popular woman magazine in my country and I had a radio show about Tarot on 4 different stations replying to questions from our listeners.

Video Count - 3, 9. High Vibrations About Youtuber One of the best youtube channel for everything related to tarot card reading. Video Count - 1, Video Count - 3, Rising Vibrations Germany About Youtuber After two decades working for the United States and over 29 international governments, former strategic analyst Inga Cooper decided to merge her technical skills in predicting program performance with her natural abilities as an empath.

Rene moved my deck lastnight— I watched him and he was careful with it. I pull three cards. I ask for clarification on each.

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At first glace, what comes to me is… Choice in love, competition, fighting for love, setbacks in love that will be resolved but will require you to NOT give up, even when the going gets tough. Values and beliefs being put to the test, an opportunity to CHOOSE whether I will stand up and fight or remain silent when my values are tested.

A major dirty secret coming out and having to accept all of the consequences. Later today, I got a phone call from a friend. These cards make total sense to me now. Being lead, being controlled, but having a solid foundation.

Most days, my daily card ritual goes kind of like this: I shuffle for a while, think about what I want to do one card? A two card combo?

Or a PPF 3 card style draw? Some days, whatever I draw is almost instantly recognizable in my personal life. I usually see someone in the Pentacles Court family, or the Wands family.


A lot of days, though, I simply lay out the cards, take a snapshot, maybe write them down in my log if I remember, and just keep them facing up on my desk and in my mind all day.

Yesterday was interesting though. I drew three cards. I was feeling a little bit rushed, anxious, et cetera. Disturbances in emotions and love?

A Soul Ajar : My Fool's Journey

We had to go because we both had therapy; his at 11 and mine at He asked me to come in with him to his session. I reluctantly agreed to go in. It ended up being a very helpful experience. My session went well. I talked about my part in our problems and allowed my therapist to give me constructive criticism.

It represents institutions as well, and I think that for me, therapy and the whole field of psychology is very much an institution. We had a lovely day together and accomplished a lot after our therapy sessions were over. My partner is a Sag— extremely determined, fast moving, hates slowing down, everything is GO!

His moon is in Gemini— also very restless energy, prone to pretty distinct mood shifts at random times. His rising sign is Taurus, thank the stars! I need this grounded, balanced out energy in a partner to some degree and I believe this rising sign really provides that with my partner.

He lost his business. Which is very rare. My moon, however, is in fiery Aries, which throws in a sometimes dark energy. The driving, sometimes maddening need to make sure people are being treated fairly and justly.

Also I think maybe my Libra rising is responsible for my entire social life and has pushed me to even CARE to be around people at all. Spiritually, you are in need of a rather dramatic change. I struggle with this card because of that very interpretation. Do I even believe in luck? New ideas cause change and you can change or alter your experiences by changing and altering your beliefs.

Similar to the Wheel of Fortune, the 2 of Pentacles indicates a lot of change and flux happening. It tells you of a life lived in constant expansion and contraction; it just like the Wheel points to cycles.

Whatever the case may be, this card is giving us a picture of a person who travels lightly through life, is open and ready to accept change and is light-hearted about this fact.

There are, again, suggestions of careers dealing with writing. There are also more suggestions of hard work needed. This one tripped me up a bit. So this card signifies where you are meant to be in a romantic sense on your life.

I am reading this as an indication that the place you are meant to be romantically is definitely going to have a focal point of communication. When looking for a potential mate, keep good communication skills at the top of your priorities.

You can have an absolutely amazing relationship that lasts… it might just be a bit tricky to find a person who fits your style of communication and dedication to always improving the relationship.

The other three Aces in the deck are, in my opinion, pretty optimistic. This one though brings some darker connotations with it. It implies a struggle that will have to be overcome.

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The suit of Swords is all about mental forces and how we use them to navigate our way through life. There are a lot of painful looking cards think 3, 8, 9, 10 and painful lessons within those cards.

Clarity, truth and justice are major themes in the suit, and its Ace sort of sums up all of these issues into one big wave of energy. Face problems head on before they get out of control. Accept responsibility for your actions, but not for the actions of others. Always seek truth— about people, their motives, and about what it is that you truly want and need.

I do find it interesting that you are a Taurus, because the King of Pentacles is said to be represented by this very sign. He is the Fire of Earth. Where the King of Pents is mentally is somewhere secure, somewhat stoic, slow to react.

He is a very stable energy, not prone to mood swings or outbursts. Patient and reliable, grounded but thriving. Draw a mindmap, write a list, or make a visualization board. Get the image of those things you want manifested in your life, then for each one, make a list of steps it will take to get there. Focus on small, baby steps that will inch you closer and closer to those goals.

Starting small and building bigger is important.

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Keep yourself grounded and focus on what is realistic. If something seems like it has a 0. Lastly, take care of yourself physically. Going outside is something I hear other reader suggest when the Page of Pents appears. You will need lots of strength, so build up those reserves now while you have the chance.

I sincerely hope you got something positive out of this reading.

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I just found out that my younger sister is pregnant. You … The Queen of Cups, are in a position of openness to romance and love!